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A middle-aged social scientist who started blogging to support social justice and spread the gospel of non-violence. Though it may cost me followers, I will criticize the left when we make mistakes, including resorting to violence when it isn't necessary. Cesar Chavez, who organized disenfranchised migrant workers and Martin Luther King, who not only fought for civil rights but for economic justice, exemplify the principles I espouse here. But make no mistake about it: I am a proud member of the left.

On a personal note, I love Siamese cats, and I'm addicted to baseball. As a public service, I post one cute animal picture everyday. Don't be surprised to see something about music from the 60s every once in a while.

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The world’s first Bob Dylan radio station, featuring non-stop music & programs by or related to Bob Dylan

This station is amazing. Little-known and hard to find songs.

At least the Fox News crawl reported the World Series score accurately. It was apparently the only numerical data they could handle.




Fox posted this very misleading graphic comparing people on welfare to people with full-time jobs to conclude that there are more people on welfare than with jobs—by the looks of this chart, 5 times as many people on welfare than there are working. 

Let’s break down everything that is wrong with this.

  1. The chart uses a shortened y-axis to make the number of people on welfare look 5 times as large as the number of people with jobs. 108.6 is not five times bigger than 101.7. 

  2. The figure for the “people on welfare” includes anyone in a household where one member participated in a means-tested program. The figure for people with a full-time job is only individuals who worked. 
  3. Many people who receive federal benefits also work—6.4 million households where someone works also receive food stamps, for example. 

Fox has a history of misleading graphics, but this one really exposes their smear campaign against government programs. Charts this bad don’t happen by accident. 

It out to be illegal to intentionally misinform the public.Or at the very least so unpopular that no credible news channel would have a reputation worth getting advertisements on but no. Fox News and its creation of the fallacy of media bias then created its own echo chamber empire that thrives on it. 

The sad part is, whenever it is called out, it’s dismissed with, “but, but, but, MSNBC”

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Homemade button supporting members of the United Mineworkers Union of America (UMWA) on strike against Pittston Coal Company in Pittston, Pennsylvania, 1989. Button made by supporters in Michigan as part of a fundraising effort.


United Steelworkers of America, United States, [early 1990’s].