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A middle-aged social scientist who started blogging to support social justice and spread the gospel of non-violence. Though it may cost me followers, I will criticize the left when we make mistakes, including resorting to violence when it isn't necessary. Cesar Chavez, who organized disenfranchised migrant workers and Martin Luther King, who not only fought for civil rights but for economic justice, exemplify the principles I espouse here. But make no mistake about it: I am a proud member of the left.

On a personal note, I love Siamese cats, and I'm addicted to baseball. As a public service, I post one cute animal picture everyday. Don't be surprised to see something about music from the 60s every once in a while.

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imageHappy birthday, Dr. King playlist. This list may be a bit jarring on the ear, as it includes jazz, folk and R &B, one after the other. But what makes it great, in my ever so humble opinion, is that all of these songs come from the era. So this was the music the Freedom Riders, the young protesters who were attacked by Bull Conner’s dogs actually listened to, and sang.  I’ve also popped a few songs in from the R&B charts of that era. These aren’t protest songs but they authentically synchronous with that time.

 “Mississippi Goddamn” – Nina Simone

 “Only a Pawn In Their Game” – Dylan

“We’re In The Middle of a Revolution” – N. Simone

 “Baby Workout” - Jackie Wilson 

“Here’s To The State Of Mississippi” – Phil Ochs

 “If I Had a Hammer” – Peter, Paul and Mary

 “Love Is Like A Heat Wave” — Martha & The Vandell

 “When Will We Be Paid For the Work We’ve Done” – The Staples Singers

 “Oh Freedom” – Joan Baez

“We Shall Not Be Moved” – Mavis Staples

“This Little Light of Mine” – Sam Cooke

“Blowing in the Wind” – Bob Dylan

“Strange Fruit” – Billie Holiday

“Keep Your Eyes On the Prize” – Pete Seeger

“Old Jim Crow”—Nina Simone

“Talking Birmingham Jam” – Phil Ochs

“If You Miss Me at The Back of the Bus” – Pete Seeger

“We Shall Overcome” – Pete Seeger

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