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A middle-aged social scientist who started blogging to support social justice and spread the gospel of non-violence. Though it may cost me followers, I will criticize the left when we make mistakes, including resorting to violence when it isn't necessary. Cesar Chavez, who organized disenfranchised migrant workers and Martin Luther King, who not only fought for civil rights but for economic justice, exemplify the principles I espouse here. But make no mistake about it: I am a proud member of the left.

On a personal note, I love Siamese cats, and I'm addicted to baseball. As a public service, I post one cute animal picture everyday. Don't be surprised to see something about music from the 60s every once in a while.

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From the BBC:

A Banksy mural painted just before the Diamond Jubilee last year has vanished from a London street and been listed for sale at a US auction site.

The image, which shows a young boy hunched over a sewing machine making Union Jack bunting, disappeared from the side of a Poundland shop last week. It is now for sale in Miami, with an estimate of £320,000 - £452,000. Councillor Alan Strickland said there is “lots of anger” at the removal, and is campaigning for the work’s return. "Residents have been really shocked and really astonished," he told the BBC. "Banksy gave that piece of art to our community, and people came from all over London to see it. He said residents are “disappointed” that a “piece of art that was given freely has been taken away from them and sold for an enormous profit”.

For full coverage:


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